Hellraiser comic book cover

When I started working on Suspension of Disbelief, I couldn’t have imagined what was lying ahead. Since the very first shot in 2009, many things happened: I got to unbelievable places, met great people, faced my own fears and learnt a lot about people surrounding me and about myself too. The publishing process has been intense, to say the least: I didn’t find a suitable publisher, so I did everything on my own; I’ve been interviewed by great websites and radios and found my work used in many places.

There’s one thing I couldn’t foresee: Suspension of Disbelief being used as a reference for a comic book cover. Honestly, that’s quite surprising, but in a very positive way. Paolo Villanelli is a great illustrator and knowing that my book inspired him for the cover of Hellraiser Bestiary #5 made me very proud.

So, check his blog post about the illustration out and be sure to get yourself a copy of both Suspension of Disbelief and Hellraiser Bestiary #5!


Hellraiser comic book cover

The first post

So it looks like I opened a new blog. It’s been like five years since I wrote my last, not so enthusiastic post on a blog, so I suppose getting back on the track will be a very tough and (hopefully) fun experience.

Since this is my first post, I’m gonna introduce myself. My name’s Stefano, I’m a reportage photographer and I do a lot of other things when I’m not running around the globe to take pics of peculiar people doing peculiar stuff. This is what I do for a living, but it’s also so much more.

When I started this adventure I was very bored with my studio work: photography seemed to be the least interesting thing in the universe at the time. But as soon as I set off on my journey through rituals of body suspension all the great feelings I used to have while taking pictures got immediately back to me. I felt like I was doing serious stuff for the first time in my life and I had the distinct impression that my photography could impact people lives in a positive way. It took three or four years to these things to turn out true, but still they did.

There are many things that make this kind of photography not so fun, like the emotional setbacks of the negative situations I often witnessed, or the fact that reportage photography fees are nowhere near those of fashion or wedding photography, or again the fact that I spent the last three years of my life on the move. But in all honesty, I feel like there’s no other kind of photography I can do as well as this. I feel confident in my skills and I like my own way of getting along with my subjects and making my presence anything but a burden to them. Portrait photography is the another field that makes me feel this way.  But it lacks the adventure part.

Well, now you know how it all started. I promise I’ll be writing about all I did in the past and what I’m doing right now, photographically speaking. There are a lot of stories that just need to be told and a lot of projects I’m gonna publish and show you on these pages.

Stay tuned,

Yours truly,




If you’re wondering: yep, it’s a shower.   ; )

The first post