Hellraiser comic book cover

When I started working on Suspension of Disbelief, I couldn’t have imagined what was lying ahead. Since the very first shot in 2009, many things happened: I got to unbelievable places, met great people, faced my own fears and learnt a lot about people surrounding me and about myself too. The publishing process has been intense, to say the least: I didn’t find a suitable publisher, so I did everything on my own; I’ve been interviewed by great websites and radios and found my work used in many places.

There’s one thing I couldn’t foresee: Suspension of Disbelief being used as a reference for a comic book cover. Honestly, that’s quite surprising, but in a very positive way. Paolo Villanelli is a great illustrator and knowing that my book inspired him for the cover of Hellraiser Bestiary #5 made me very proud.

So, check his blog post about the illustration out and be sure to get yourself a copy of both Suspension of Disbelief and Hellraiser Bestiary #5!


Hellraiser comic book cover